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Antique Showcases, great for museum.  Have 3 cases available.  Made beautiful showing set in U shape with planter stands at the corners.  Also beautiful with mirrors on the walls behind cases.  Everyone commented on the cases when they came in my shop.  Case measures 98 1/2" long by 28 1/4" wide.  Total height is 42" with display height of 16".  Weight is unknown but are very heavy as they are solid wood.  All 4 legs are cabriole shape.  Bottom of cases are old tongue and groove boards.  Have carpeted plywood over this.  Have been in same jewelry store since 1986, do not know before that.  Sometime before that the glass end caps have been replaced, possibly the glass also as it has very few scratches on the glass.  Top glass is 1/4" thick.  Top & front glass are 1 piece.  Cases have sliding doors on the rear with mirror tiles on inside.  Mirrors have some chips.  One case has a chip on one front leg bottom, and one case has a chip on one back leg bottom.  Email us at sales@halljewelers.com with any questions or if you wish to view the cases in person.  Will not ship!  Must make own moving arrangements.


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